Best Time to Visit Mount Huangshan

It is always a great time to visit Mount Huangshan (the Yellow Mountain) in a year because it is a year round destination. Touring the Yellow Mountain in different seasons, you will have uniquely different yet beautiful experiences. 

Holidays to Avoid

Avoid traveling the Yellow Mountain during any of the China's national holidays if at all possible, as transport and tourist areas are packed and prices for hotels at least double. The holidays are the Chinese New Year (Feb.11 - 26, 2021; Jan 31,  2021- Feb. 15, 2022), May Day (May1-7), National Day (October 1-7), Tomb Sweeping Day (April 3- 5), and Middle Autumn Festival (Sep. 21, 2021; Sep 10, 2022).

Mount Huangshan in Spring

Mount Huangshan in Winter

Mount Huangshan in Snow