Tour Huangshan in Winter

Snowy Mount Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) is like a crystal wonderland. Though winter lasts a long time (Nov. - Mar.) in the mountain, it is not as cold as you might expect. A poem has it that Mount Huangshan is beautiful all year round but with the winter scenery being the best. The sea of clouds, one of the four wonders of Mount Huangshan, appears more often in winter than in any other season. The spectacle of rimed trees sparkling in the sun is the privilege of winter alone for it is then that you may find yourself in a silver world with icy peaks, clusters of frosty corals suffused with a plentiful supply of the freshest of oxygen rich fresh air.

Travel tips for touring Mt. Huangshan in Winter: 

1. Winter is the most economical time for visiting Mt. Huangshan as the prices for hotels and the entry fee are lowered by 15% to 40% compared to those of the peak season. However, Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) is an exception, during which the price is the same as normal seasons.

2. In view of the safety of visitors, the Celestial Capital Peak is closed from December 1st to February 28th. Besides, the West Sea Grand Canyon will open or close according to the actual weather.

3.  The lowest temperature in the Yellow Mountain reaches -10 ℃ in winter. It is bitterly cold and misty on the top of the mountain. The hotels are centrally heated so you don't have to worry about the cold. 

4. Mount Huangshan is misty for almost 200 days in a year. Many visitors miss the amazing sunrise because of the weather. It rains less in winter, so the probability to see the sunrise is much higher than in other seasons. The best places to see sunrise are the Dawn Pavilion, the Refreshing Terrace, the Lion Peak, the Bright Summit, the Beginning-to-Believe-Peak, the White Goose Ridge, the Jade Screen Peak, the Lotus Peak, and the Celestial Peak. Visitors may choose the best place according to the hotel they stay in. The staff in hotels update the sunrise time every day. It is convenient for visitors to adjust the time at any moment.

5. There are lights along both sides of the paths. When visitors go to see sunrise or sunset, even it is dark, they do not need to worry about your safety.

6. Every day, workers clean the paths in the mountain. Even after a snowfall, the workers will clean up snow in time. Visitors do not need to worry about slippery, but a pair of comfortable hiking shoes are a must. Most hotels on the top of the mountian provide free anti-skid shoes and heavy coats for customers to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Besides, bringing windproof hats and gloves along with is necessary.

7. Elderly visitors may climb Mount Huangshan by cable cars. For visitors who would like hiking, they may climb the mountain step by step, going across the Walking Fairy Land Bridge or the West Sea Grand Canyon. In case of risk, visitors had better climb the mountain by cable cars.

8. Taking photos in Mount Huangshan in winter is different from that in other places. Please see clearly where you stand, especially in some narrow paths.

Mount Huangshan in Winter

Mount Huangshan in Winter

Mount Huangshan in Winter