Hiking in Huangshan Mountain

Hiking is very much doable in Huangshan Mountain (the Yellow Mountain). Whether to walk up or down the Yellow Mountain (Mount Huangshan) or traverse the West Sea Grand Canyon, breathtaking view is out there all the way, 2-3 days is needed to hike around. 

Huangshan Mountain can be divided into front and back parts. The front mountains are steep and difficult to climb, but Chinese tourists like to go up from the front part. The hiking route we highly recommended is taking the Yungu cable car up to the back mountains, and then visiting the North Sea Area and the West Sea Area. There are three reasons: Firstly, the scenery in back parts is concentrated, which is more suitable for viewing. Secondly, this is a good a way to avoid crowding among Chinese tourists. Thirdly, best hotels on the top of the mountain are very close to the Yungu cable car station. The above is just a suggestion. We can arrange more reasonable hiking routes according to your time, budget, energy and specific interests.

Route 1: From the Yungu Cableway — highly recommended

Route 2: From the Yuping Cableway — the crowded classic

Route 3: Northern Morning Walk with Asia's Longest Telpher

Travel Tips

1. Don't forgget to buy a walking stick at the foot of the mountain. 

2. Wear your sports shoes or sneakers. Non-slip shoes are needed if you do hiking in Huangshan Mountain in winter. 

3. Bring a daypack for mountain walking and things for a day or two's stay at mountain hotels in a backpack. The rest (cases, etc.) should be left at a hotel in Huangshan City or at the foot of the mountain.Generally, the ticket is valid for one entry with an unlimited stay length. So if you want to spend more than one day there, you can camp or lodge in a hotel within the scenic area.

Hiking Huangshan

Huangshan Hiking

Hiking Mount Huangshan