How to Hike Mount Huangshan

Many walk Mount Huangshan in a single day. Typically one would start early from Tangkou Town (or very early from Tunxi District) and take the shuttle bus to Yungu Cable Car Station and then use the cable car to the top. From the top station walk anti-clockwise via Black Tiger Pine, Dawn Pavilion, Cloud Dispelling Pavilion, Flying-over Rock and Bright Summit to Yuping (Jade Screen) Cable Car Station and then take the cable car and shuttle bus back to Tangkou Town. Hiking the mountain like this in one day requires some fitness but is quite feasible for most. The fit can reasonably add on some detours as well - see the two day itinerary for suggestions.

Hiking in the Yellow Mountain

Starting from Yungu cable car station and ending at Yuping has the advantage that there is slightly more down hill than up but the difference is not great so the opposite order is quite reasonable.

For those with a bit more time and money a two day itinerary is very worthwhile - particularly if you doubt your fitness! It will allow seeing more of the area without time pressure and also allow you to enjoy sunset and sunrise. It is best to plan where you will sleep on the mountain - see Hotels on Huangshan Mountain. Yungu Cable Way delivers you near to Beihai and Shilin hotels. Yuping Cable Way delivers you near to Yupinglou Hotel. Taiping Cable way delivers you near to Cloud Dispelling Hotel.

With the extra time you can easily detour to Lotus Peak, Lion Peak, Beginning to Believe Peak and White Goose Ridge. If time and energy permit, you can also consider:

Fairy-walking Bridge. Peace and quiet (a rarity in China) and stunning scenery.

Huangshan Hiking

The first ring/loop north of Xihai (West Sea) Grand Canyon. This trail may be closed during winter months (December, January, February). 

Forgo one of the cable cars in favour of walking. From the Yuping Cable Car/Mercy Light Temple entrance the "Western Steps" lead up for about 14km over spectacular terrain. Allow 6-7 hours for the ascent. From the Yungu Cable Car carpark the ascent by the "Eastern Steps" is easier, taking as little as 2-3 hours. If you choose to descend by the Eastern Steps you can extend the hike by including the Nine Dragon Waterfall area (Jiulongpu) for an additional charge.

Those who are very unfit should consider forgoing the walk from one cable car to the other. Instead, catch a cable car up, walk around as much or as little as you want and then take the same cable car back. The cable car trips are breathtaking on their own and the areas around the top stations are well worth a look.

Huangshan Winter Hiking

A good suggestion for people who are fit, enjoy tracks with less people, and do not need cablecars: hike up "Western Steps" on the first day (around 1.000 meters elevation), stay at a Hotel on top, watch sunset and sunrise, hike around (relatively flat, maximum 200 meters up-and-down hikes to the peaks) and hike down "Eastern Steps" (around 700 meters elevation) the next day.

Mount Huangshan Hiking Map