What to See in Mount Huangshan

The main thing to do in the Yellow Mountain is walk around and take photographs of the scenery which is spectacular, beautiful, different and varying in appearance with every change of weather. The same view looks quite different by day in fine weather or with cloud, early morning or late evening. Sunrise and sunset are renowned but, of course, dependent on the weather.

All of the scenic area is gorgeous but the following spots are highlights: Lotus Peak, Narrow Cliff, Fair-walking Bridge, Cloud-dispelling Pavilion, the rings/loops north of Xihai Grand Canyon, Refreshing Terrace, Beginning to Believe Peak and White Goose Ridge.

A List of Famous Attractions in Mount Huangshan

Cloud Valley Scenic Area: Cloud Valley Temple, Arhats Peak, Clear Pond Peak, Eyebrow Peak, Incense Burner Peak, Qianchi Waterfall, Jadeite Valley, Nine Dragons Waterfall

Hot Spring Scenic Area:  Mercy Light Temple, Inverted "V" Waterfall, Drunken Rock, Mountain Waist Temple

Pine Valley Scenic Area: Jadeite Pond, Hibiscus Valley, Pine Valley Nunnery, Five Dragons Pond

North Sea Scenic Area: White Goose Hill, White Cloud Stream, Rock That Flying from Afar, Scholar Peak, Bright Summit, Alchemy Peak, Dreamy Flowery Writing Brush, Dispelling Clouds Pavilion, Lion Peak, Beginning to Believe Peak, Flower Scattering Basin

Jade Screen Scenic Area: Turtle Peak, Lotus Peak, Squirrel Skipping to The Celestial Capital, Celestial Capital Peak, Traces of Quaternary Glacier in Mt. Huangshan, Heaven Sea, Greeting Guests Pine, Jade Screen Peak

Stone Monkey Gazing over the Sea of Clouds in Mount Huanshan

Azalea in Mount Huangshan