How to Get Mount Huangshan from Shanghai

High speed train service from Shanghai Hongqiao Station and Shanghai Station is available, and departs for Huangshan North Train Station (Huangshanbei 黄山北) about 14 trains daily. When you exit the station, head for the only other huge building, known as Huangshan Passenger Transportation Center. In it, you can purchase a National Express bus ticket to Tangkou (the mountain town serving as the main entrance of Mount Huangshan). The ride takes about 1 hour. As you step off the bus in Tangkou, you will be approached by numerous taxi drivers. Walk past them, take a left and go across the parking lot. After it, you will find a large board with bus departure times in Chinese. Right across from it is a National Express bus ticket booth, which sells tickets to the Huangshan destinations. These buses are how you get to the mountain - you cannot enter by taxi, only the National Express shuttle buses are allowed into the scenic area. You can walk in, but it is better to save your energy for the mountain. Shuttle buses go from Tangkou to either Mercy Light Temple (aka Merch Light Pavilion 慈光阁) for the Yuping (aka Jade Screen) Cable Car or to Yungu (aka Cloud Valley or Yungu New) Cable Car (云谷索道). Buses leave approximately every 20 minutes, take around 20 minutes.

If you arrive by train in Huangshan City (Tunxi), take one of the minibuses in front of the station (walk past the taxi drivers) to the entrance of Huangshan. Minibuses drive often after train arrivals (also drive back to the station frequently from the park), and it takes around 1 hour to the main entrance of Huangshan.

The peaks are accessible by both ways. Both take between 2-3 hours up, and slightly less (1.5-2 hours) down. Western steps will lead to the peaks at the Yuping Lou Hotel (玉屏楼宾馆 from where you can start a roundtrip), eastern steps to the White goose ridge/BeiHai Hotel.

From the lower cable car stations you can either walk to the top or use the cable car. Cable car tickets can generally be purchased 6:30 to 16:30 but hours may be extended occasionally.

There is also an entrance and cable car in the north at Taiping from Songgu Nunnery (aka Songgu Temple 松谷庵)near the bottom of the valley up to Purple Cloud Peak (丹霞峰).

Mount Huangshan Hiking Map