Hotels on Mount Huangshan

The scenery of Huangshan are so breathtaking. If you tour in Mount Huangshan (the Yellow Mountain), one day is not enough to enjoy the wonders. Most travelers usully stay one night at the summit of the mountain for the sunrise, sunset, and sea of clouds. Also, this can make sure they have time to explore the West Grand Canyon and climb the Celestial Capital Peak. Then which hotel should you stay on the summit of Mount Huangshan? 

Mount Huangshan is divided into five areas: East Sea (Donghai) Scenic Area, West Sea (Xihai) Scenic Area, South Sea (Nanhai) Scenic Area, North Sea (Beihai) Scenic Area, and Heavenly Sea (Tianhai) Scenic Area. Based on hotel price, your schedule and your wished attractions, you can choose your hotel by area as below:  

1) North Sea Scenic Area:Shilin Hotel, Beihai Hotel,Yupinglou Hotel,Yunshan Boutique Homestay 

The nearby attractions of Shilin Hotel and Beihai Hotel are Lion Peak, Refreshing Peak, Dawn Pavilion, Dreamy Flowery Writing Brush,and Beginning to Believe Peak. Beautiful sunrise and sunset are available at Lion Peak, Refreshing Peak, Dawn Pavilion and Beginning to Believe Peak.

-Beihai Hotel

Expensive hotel located on the mountain top near the Shilin Hotel, about 1 km from Yungu cable car station. Be prepared to book in advance for at least ¥1000 per night, as travelers who did not have only been offered dormitory style rooms. Has a buffet restaurant which is very expensive (¥400 for a complete dinner for two is not hard to rack up.) Also has small tents where you get an air mattress, a filthy sleeping bag and an extra blanket, but no pillows, and there are no facilities, except for a public toilet, if you want a shower you can get one for extra money. 200-2000.  

-Shilin Hotel

Also has a bunkhouse with very primitive facilities. On the mountain top near the Beihai Hotel, about 1km from Yungu Cablecar station. ¥200-2,000 for doubles, ¥150-200 for dorms.

-Yupinglou Hotel 

Expensive hotel, but well equipped modern rooms. Restaurant. Only about 500 metres from the top of the Yuping Cableway though still lots of steps. Great views over the surrounding mountains and valleys. 200-2000.  

-Yunshan Boutique Homestay

Yunshan Boutique Homestay is near the Yungu Cable Way, Lion Peak, Gongyang Mountain, Dreamy Flowery Writing Brush, Danxia Peak, Refreshing Terrace, Monkey Watching the Sea, and Beginning to Believe Peak. If you stay at Yunshan Boutique Homestay, you can watch sunrise at Refreshing Terrace and Beginning to Believe Peak, watch sunset at Monkey Watching the Sea. 

2) East Sea Scenic Area: White Goose Hotel

The White Goose Hotel is located in the White Goose Ridge and close to the uper Yungu Cable Car Station. The nearby attractions are Beginning to Believe Peak, Bright Summit and White Goose Ridge. Visitors can walk to the Beginning to Believe Peak for sunrise, and Bright Summit and White Goose Ridge for sunset. 

3) West Sea Scenic Area: Xihai Hotel, Paiyunlou Hotel

Xihai Hotel and Paiyunlou Hotel are in West Sea Scenic Area. The nearby attractions are Dispelling Clouds Pavilion, Rock That Flying From Afar, Danxia Peak and the mysterious West Sea Grand Canyon. Visitors can watch sunrise or sunset at Danxia Peak. 

-Xihai Hotel

Fairly expensive hotel although it is well maintained and comfortable. Excellent location situated between the Beihai and Pai Yun Lou hotels. The Chinese restaurant is good as is the buffet breakfast. Rooms facing the front have a decent view while those in back have none. Compared to most of the other hotels on the mountain, Xihai is very nice. 1200-2000 RMB.  

4) Heavenly Sea Scenic Area: Guangmingding Hotel, Baiyun Hotel

Heavenly Sea Scenic Area is the center of Mount Huangshan. Baiyun Hotel and Guangmingding Hotel are in Tianhai Scenic Area. The nearby attractions are Bright Summit, Haixin Pavilion and Baiyun Scenic Area. Staying in the two hotels, visitors can watch sunrise and sunset at the Bright Summit or Turtel Peak. 

-Baiyun Hotel 

Expensive hotel, but well equipped modern rooms and a central location from which to walk. About 3km walking (lots of steps) from either Yungu cablecar station or Yuping cablecar station. Food court nearby or breakfast 70RMB. 200-2000 RMB. 

Huangshan Yupinglou Hotel

Yupinglou Hotel

Huangshan Baiyun Hotel

Baiyun Hotel

Huangshan Guangmingding Hotel

Guangmingding Hotel

Huangshan Xihai Hotel

Xihai Hotel