Huangshan Festivals and Events

Huangshan Mountain International Tourism Festival

Time: usually in October (It is held once every two years.) Venue: Huangshan CityWhat's on: During the festival, tourists can watch the traditional lantern fair, enjoy performances of folk customs, take a tour of Huangshan Mountain, visit ancient houses in Huizhou Ancient Town, attend tourism business talks, economic and trade talks, and commodities fairs.

Dragon Boat Race

Time: Dragon Boat Festival(the 5th day of the 5th month of the traditional Chinese calendar)Venue: Tunxi

Dragon Boat Race is a folk entertainment activity in China. Dragon Boat Festival is held every year along the rivers, especially in race dragon boat rallies. If you tour in Huangshan during the Dragon Boat Festival, you can see a dragon boat race in Tunxi Bridge.

Chongyang Temple Fair

Time: the ninth day of the ninth lunar monthVenue: Tunxi On this day, people would bring various agricultural, sideline products and handicrafts products for trading. During the temple fair, you can enjoy stage singing, singing from the sunset to the sunrise, all night. After the founding of the PRC, the temple fair became an authentic fair for agricultural and sideline products and handicrafts.

Hui Yun

Time: The first day of the fifth lunar monthVenue: Tunxi

Hui Yun is a drama that directed by famous director named Duan Jianping performed at the Xiangming Theater, which is divided into 5 part: "four seasons in Huangshan" , "Heaven and Earth" , "Dreaming Huizhou" , "Hui Opera Team to Beijing", "Anhui Style Emblem Charming". Based on the historical background of Huizhou culture history. The legends, folklore, stories and other art forms are vividly reproduced by the artist style.