Tour Huangshan in Spring

Mount Huangshan in spring is like a maiden - all is new, fresh and tender. Spring comes in April but its onset is delayed by three days for every 100 meters as you climb the mountain. Therefore, when wild flowers are brilliant and seedlings are shooting up at its foot, the plants half way up the mountain will be just awakening from their winter sleep and will not exhibit their beauty until a week later. The sound of birdsong is most pleasant in this quietness while you will be enchant

ed by the color changes as you climb your way up. Spring is probably the most propitious season for visiting Huangshan Mountain and is certainly the best time to view the many waterfalls (cascades) due to the abundant precipitation.

Huangshan Mountain in Spring

Mount Huangshan in Spring

Mount Huangshan in Spring

Waterfalls in Mount Huangshan

The Nine-Dragon Cascade in Mount Huangshan