Huangshan Tours

The Yellow Mountain, or Mount Huangshan has inspired countless Chinese painters and poets for thousands of years, and is widely recognized as the most beautiful mountain in China with its breathtakingly awesome scenery: the spectacular granite peaks, wind-carved pines, sea of clouds and crystal-clear hot springs. More often than not, the Yellow Mountain is shrouded in mist making it especially picturesque.


3-Day Yellow Mountain National Park Tour

Admire the stunning peaks of the Yellow Mountain and enjoy the natural wonders in the mountain including sea of clouds, always keeping your camera ready for amazing photo ops.

3-Day Huangshan Natural & Cultural Explorer Tour

On this nature and culture tour of Huangshan, you'll be awed by the incredible landscapes of the great Yellow Mountain. You'll also experience the unique Anhui culture during a visit to the world heritage site villages.

3-Day Yellow Mountain Hiking Tour

If you are looking for spending big bucks for professional tour operators to show you around the Yellow Mountain there are plenty out there to be found. This three day Yellow Mountain hiking tour is geared more towards activities geared for regular people looking for extraordinary experiences.

3-Day Hiking in Yellow Mountain & Xidi Village

Make the most of your time in the Yellow Mountain National Park on a guided Yellow Mountain 3 days hike tour!

5-Day Huangshan Highlights & Jingdezhen Porcelain Culture Tour

See the Yellow Mountain’s unique pines, peaks, rocks, sunrise, sea of clouds, and learn about the history & culture of the Chinese Porcelain.

6-Day Huangshan Wuyuan Jingdezhen Yaoli Adventure Tour

This trip blends old villages, Yellow Mountain and Jingdezhen - the "Porcelain Capital".

1-Day Yellow Mountain Tour

This tour is designed to give you a great overview of the Yellow Mountain! Recommended as a “best first activity” by many of our guests.

6-day Yellow Mountain Photography Tour

An expertly guided photography adventure at the best time of year for natural and cultural images in the legendary Yellow Mountain and the ancient villages!

4-day Huangshan Winter Tour

Winter settles early in Mount Huangshan coating everything in white. When Huangshan opens for its winter season December 15th, we invite you to share the magic of the Mount Huangshan with Yellow Mountain Tour. The rime covers the trees, snow mantles the grotesque peaks, steaming hot springs, spectacular sunrise and sunset... Let's step off the beaten path to truly experience a crystalline wonderland.