Mount Qiyun

Mount Qiyun was called White Mountain in the ancient times, and was given the current name by Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty ( 1368 -1644) for its spectacular sea of clouds for 260 days of a year. The center scenic area covers an area of 19.49 square kilometeres, consisting of 5 scenic spots, i.e. Yuehua Street, Loushanglou Building, Yuanyan Lake, the Hengjiang Riever and Mount Nanshan with traces of immortals in the Taoism cradle, rosy peaks, cliff inscriptions by ancient sages, heavenly street and idyllic leisure. Mount Qiyun was highly praised by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1636 - 1911) as "an attraction unparalled under the heaven, and the most famous mountain in Jiangnan (the south area of the Yangtze River)."

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